About me

I’m thinking that most of you reading this blog will be friends or family, so you already know me. However, I guess blog etiquette dictates that I still write something about myself… so, for all of you throngs of people who stumbled upon this site by accident or recommendation, please allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Sue and I’m a Brit living in Memphis, TN. I’m married to Peet, and together we’re raising our furry mop of a dog, Max. All three of us love the beach, yet this is the most land-locked we have ever been in our lives. Max doesn’t know any different… but he lives for our rare road trips to his concept of a sandy, salty nirvana.

It’s probably redundant to say this on a food blog… but I love cooking!! Always have done… hopefully, always will do. I also love photography, although capturing food in a way that makes it look edible has been an interesting experiment, with hit or miss results!! I’m hoping the “successes” I post will be enough to whet your appetite and inspire you to try out a few of the recipes.

If you’d like to read a short blurb about why I finally decided to do a food blog, please check out the “About this site” page. Otherwise, grab your computer, run to the kitchen… and get faffing!! 😀